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Are there any other regular costs?

Yes, there is a quarterly management fee which covers Registration, Insurance, Storage and launch fees, Rottnest access and shared mooring system use, management fee and other regular expenses. This payment is usually under $500 per month depending on the boat and how it is stored, paid quarterly in advance. All other maintenance and repairs made to the boat are split equally between shareholders. There are only 2 exceptions to this is (1) if you damage the boat, then you are up for those repair costs.(2)The other is the annual engine servicing, this is split according to the number of hours used. If you used the boat for 25% of the total hours, it mean 25% of the engine service costs are apportioned to you.

Can I sell my share?

Absolutely, once notified the manager will advertise the boat share, negotiate on your behalf and facilitate the share transfer. You are also welcome to advertise your share if you want.

How often can I use the boat?

There is a simple and flexible roster system to divide usage fairly. As there are 5 owners you will be allocated first option of approximately 1 week per month. This is only for first option, if the rostered owner isn’t using the boat for any part of their allocated time then any other owner can use the boat without penalty in time or cost. 

I haven’t owned a boat this big before, can I get training and assistance?

Yes, absolutely. In fact it is a requirement of all new owners to undergo inductions to ensure safety and understanding of the boat systems operation and  how to conduct themselves in and around the marina. Perth BoatShare can also provide support for inexperienced owners for their trips to new locations like Garden island, Rottnest island or even Mandurah. 

Is the listed price an annual payment?

Definitely Not, The listed price is a once off purchase to own a legally recognised share in the boat.

What about the engine servicing?

The engines require an annual engine service is divided by engine hours used by each owner. For example if you use 25% of the engine hours in the service period then you pay 25% of the engine service costs.

What happens if I’m at Rottnest and the weather turns bad?

That’s fine, If you can’t stay till the weather improves just contact the manager. Perth BoatShare will guide you through how to secure the boat properly, you can then catch the ferry home and we will notify the Rottnest Authority and retrive the boat when the weather impoves. We encourage all owners to be mindful of their own safety before attempting these kinds of crossings as the sea can change quickly.

What if the boat gets damaged by someone?

If the boat is damaged by negligence then the owner who caused the damage pays. If the damage is claimable under insurance then that owner pays the excess. It works much they same as a vehicle accidents, its always good to get details and pictures if others are involved.

Where is the boat stored?

Our boats are stored in Blue HQ Dry stack in Mews Rd Fremantle.

Who pays for the fuel?

When you receive the boat it will be full of fuel. The boat must be refuelled on return. There is a refuelling station in the fishing boat harbour and another in South Fremantle Yacht club. Both fuelling points have EFTPOS facilities.

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