What we offer is the opportunity for everyone to own a boat we provide a ‘Step on Step off’ boating experience. 
Spend more time actually boating without the hassle of getting the boat to the water and getting it out, or mooring considerations. 

You will be surprised how affordable and hassle FREE boating CAN be.




Our prime objective is to provide a service that allows families and individuals to enjoy boating in the most cost-effective way possible. The reality of boating is that the real cost of a boat is more than the initial outlay, the real cost is just keeping it. Keeping it maintained, keeping it somewhere that’s easily accessible (no towing, no boat ramps no hassle) and just keeping boating enjoyable.

    Everyone knows that after the first year or so of owning a boat the times you use it probably doesn’t justify the expense of mooring, registration, insurance, Rotto passes and mooring, annual maintenance (Antifoul and engine services need to happen annually even if you don’t use it) and repairs to covers and clears. This is the stuff that makes boating expensive. Split this 5 ways and boating becomes a lot more cost effective.

    What we offer is the opportunity for everyone to own a bigger, better boat that would normally be financially out of reach and provide a more enjoyable ‘Step on Step off’ boating experience. You outlay approximately 20% of the boat value to own a share of the boat, and for a small management fee We’ll look after maintenance, repairs and management of your boat, and then split the costs 5 ways. Our boat syndicates all have 5 equal shares that no one person can own anymore than two of to keep it fair and reasonable. The boat is yours, you own it and you get about 10 weeks a year including an even spread of the public holidays where you have first right of use.


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